1.This text is based on the ethical thought, which is representative in western society, and the author finds out the clue of thought of social security which is from mercy to justice.本文立足西方社会有代表意义的伦理思想,梳理出了一条从慈悲到正义的社会保障的思想。
2.In the practice,the Humanitarian Buddhism shows more moral concern for the five precepts,ten kinds of goodness and the ways of Mahayana Bodhisattva based on mercy.在修行实践中,人间佛教的伦理关怀主要表现为更加重视五戒、十善和以慈悲为本的大乘菩萨道。

1."Oh, mercy, mercy, monsieur!"“噢,发发慈悲吧,发发慈悲吧,阁下
2.A lenient act.宽大,慈悲慈悲宽厚的行为
3.We pray you for mercy/to show mercy.我们恳求你发慈悲.
4.showing or giving mercy.表现出或给予慈悲的。
5.let the good God do as he likes!"接受慈悲上帝的安排
6.She implored him for mercy.她恳求他大发慈悲
7.The old man prayed him for mercy.老人恳求他发慈悲
8.'The gracious and merciful Heavens forbid!'“慈悲的老天爷不允许的
9.For mercy's sake! Stop fooling around.慈悲点吧!别再鬼混了!
10.For very pity' s sake, have mercy.请大发慈悲,怜悯我们吧。
11.have a heart; have some compassion表示点同情或慈悲之心
12."God be merciful to us!" cried the child within herself.“上帝对我们慈悲
13.For the love of mercy, stop that noise.请发发慈悲,别再吵了。
14.He entreated me to show mercy.他恳求我发发慈悲
15.We pray you to show mercy.我们求你发发慈悲
16.I scorn the counterfeit sentiment you offer.我鄙视你的假慈悲
17.Compassion for parents is filial piety. Compassion for relatives is love. Compassion for teachers and friends is righteousness. Compassion for sentient beings is benevolence.对父母的慈悲是孝,对亲人的慈悲是爱,对师友的慈悲是义,对众生的慈悲是仁。
18.'Monseigneur, the good God knows;“大人,慈悲的上帝知道。

1.Ecological ethics in Buddhism, such as equality, lenity, have been demonstrating the relationship between the nature and human.平等、慈悲是佛教对人与自然关系的阐述。
3)charitable heart慈悲之心
4)mercy idea慈悲理念
5)mercy view慈悲观
1.According to the comparison of Buddhism mercy view and Confucius Ren studies,this article reveals the similarities and differences of moral construction in Chinese national ethics,and further elaborates these twp ideas molding function as well as their respective value inspiration in contemporary society.通过比较佛教慈悲观和孔子仁学观,揭示两者在中华民族伦理道德建设导向上的异同,进而阐述两种观念在塑造中华民族伦理道德中的作用,以及各自在当代社会所具有的价值启示。
6)mercy spirit慈悲精神
1.Mercy spirit is Bodhisattva spirit with happy to draw bitter,it s theoretical foundation is the theory of genesis,the main embodiment of trampling the conduct of mercy spirit is in charity and giving up killing on Buddhism.慈悲精神作为中国佛教的根本精神,贯穿于整个佛教教义之中。

慈悲【慈悲】 (术语)与乐曰慈,拔苦曰悲。四无量心中之二无量也。智度论二十七曰:“大慈与一切众生乐,大悲拔一切众生苦。”
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