世界观,world outlook
1)world outlook世界观
1.The view of scientific development is the concentrative reflection of Marxism world outlook and methodology about development;科学发展观是马克思主义关于发展的世界观和方法论的集中体现
2.People-oriented the fundamental principles of world outlook of dialectical materialism;以人为本——辩证唯物主义世界观的根本原则
3.Wuthering Heights: An Interpretation of Emily Bront(?) s Romantic Mind and World Outlook;艾米莉·勃朗特的浪漫思想及其世界观

1.World outlook; Outlook on life; values世界观,人生观,价值观
2.Project of the World:On Nietzsche’s Worldview of Perspectivism;世界的投射——论尼采透视主义的世界观
3.Worldview International Foundation世界观点国际基金会
4.Their world outlooks were similar,too.他们的世界观也很相似。 view of the world, in sum.概括地说我的世界观
6.A comprehensive philosophy of the world or of human life.世界观、人生观对世界或人生的综合看法 foster in the young the morally sound values and outlook on the world and life树立正确的价值观、世界观、人生观
8.The proletariat seeks to transform the world according to its own world outlook, and so does the bourgeoisie.无产阶级要按照自己的世界观改造世界,资产阶级也要按照自己的世界观改造世界。
9.Mao Tse-tung s World Outlook Change in His Youth and World Outlook Education of Today s University Students;从青年毛泽东世界观的嬗变反观当代大学生的世界观教育
10.I have a point of view for the world, and that is my World View.我有一套看世界的方式,这就是我的世界观
11.Relation of Chinese Literature with World Literature: Principles in Compiling History of World Literature;中国的世界文学史写作与世界文学观
12.Long-term Plan for the World Weather Watch世界天气观测长期计划
13.World Hydrological Cycle Observing System世界水文循环观测系统
14.fixed oceanographic stations of the world世界定点海洋观测站
15.World Organization of Volcanological Observatories世界火山观测所组织
16.a student of world affairs.世界事务的敏锐观察者
17.the realm of factuality must be distinguished from the realm of imagination.客观世界具有实在性。
18.The Great Wall is one of the wonders of the world.长城是世界奇观之一。

world view世界观
1.Checkpost, Pork, and World View: On Reasons Why the Theme of the Lushan Meeting (1959) Changed;卡子、猪肉与世界观——1959年庐山会议主题变化的原因探讨
2.Analysis on the Emotional Obstacles for College Students to Build up a Scientific World View and the Measures to Overcome them;大学生树立科学世界观的情感障碍及克服措施
3.This paper discusses that Newton-Descartes world view is the philosophic basis for man to conquer and dominate nature in last three hundred years after the industrial revolution and the eco-philosophy is the post-modern philosophic world view.论述了牛顿—笛卡儿世界观是工业革命以来的300年时间里,人掠夺自然、主宰和统治自然的哲学基础。
1.On the Worldview of Information Science;论信息科学的世界观(I/V)
2.Because of the limitation of thinking way,philosophical textbooks in the areas of philosophical views,basic problems,worldview and others are unable to reach the level that Marxist philosophy should have.由于思维方式的局限,哲学教科书在哲学观、哲学基本问题、世界观等方面均未达到马克思主义哲学所应有的高度;而由朴素实在论思维方式向实践论思维方式的转换,也正是现行哲学教科书体系改革的根本途径。
3.This paper begins with the actuality of the tuniversity students present worldview,thoroughly analyzing its causation and instructively discussing how to establish a long-las.人的理想、信念决定了他在社会活动中的价值取向,大学生应该具有什么样的世界观,不仅是大学生自身的个人修养问题,也是关系到我国未来发展的重大问题。
1.The Construction and Collapse of Idealist Weltanschauung—— Reading Young Marx s Four-Volume Anthology of Poetry;“理想主义”哲学世界观的立与破——马克思大学时代诗作的哲学解读
2.Guarding against the retrogression of Weltanschauung in the Course of Economic Globalization;警惕经济全球化中的世界观倒退
3.The weltanschauung of polycentric and holistic is axes of thought way in the Pre-Qin;多元整体世界观——先秦思想形式的轴心
1.Core Curriculum to Cultivate College Students Outlook;培养大学生世界观的核心课程
2.This paper has proposed that Thomas Hardy s diverse outlook becomes the deep-rooted non-tragedy factors in his tragic novels because the author lived in a melting and conflicting age of trends,doctrines and theories.然而,由于世界观形成过程错综复杂和思想的局限性,始终不能形成系统的世界观,而世界观的多样性不可避免地对其作品的非悲剧因素产生了深刻的影响。
3.Building a core socialist value system and advocating Marxist value,Marxist outlook,and the Marxist philosophy of life is an organic whole.建设社会主义核心价值体系与弘扬马克思主义世界观、人生观、价值观是有机统一的。
6)objective world客观世界
1.Analyze the Consciousness in Brief to the Reflection and the Creation Relation of the Objective World ——A Notes is to Study the Theory of Reflexion of V.I.Lenin;意识对客观世界的反映和创造关系——学习列宁反映论思想的思考
2.Based on the study of Qian Xuesen s latest work“Found the Theory on System”, this paper presents thoughts on how to aceurately appraise the objective world, scientifically understand the objective world, vigorously greet the gauntlet of new century and carry forward socialist modernization construction with scientific theory.在初步学习钱学森著《创建系统学》的基础上 ,对如何正确地面对客观世界 ,科学地认识客观世界 ,积极地迎接 2 1世纪的挑战 ,以及用科学的理论与决策管理机制推进我国社会主义现代化建设事业进行了思考。
3.How does the journalism reflect the present objective world? Is it a real, objective, thorough reflection of reality or just a reflection of a virtual world? What are the journalist reactions to scholars criticism? What is demanded of journalism? How should journalists honor their mission新闻报道是怎样反映我们当今的客观世界的 ,是真实、客观、全面地反映了现实 ,还是通过报道反映了一个虚拟的世界 ,针对学者的批评 ,新闻界有何回应 ,新闻报道应该怎样做才能不至有辱使命。

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